A Week Off

Sorry – couldn’t think of a blog post today.
One of the things that scared me about committing to a weekly schedule on this blog is the constant need for more content. Sometimes, you just don’t have anything to write. Or, rather, there are plenty of things going on in my life that I care about and for the time being, they’re not of any real professional interest.
The boundary between my professional and personal life is a bit fuzzy. Well, a lot fuzzy. It always has been and, really, it’s what I signed up for and what I’ve actively chosen over the years. A great big downside of blending my lives is this constant need to be on, to think professional thoughts, to think big thoughts to share, and to write, write, write.
People don’t work like that. Most people, anyway. We have other interests and sometimes (maybe often) those interests come to the foreground.