Rethinking the History Project

For much of this year, I’ve been working on a project to document a history of the user experience field in Michigan. It’s a subject that’s quite interesting to me, but because it’s not my day job, it’s also something that is perpetually on the back burner.

I’ve interviewed some really interesting people so far, and I’ve started to feel bad about burying the information I’ve gotten from them for months already, and potentially for years to come. Does keeping this information to myself for however many years it takes to feel “done”—to have interviewed enough people and written something satisfactory—fulfill the goal of the project?

Well, no. The goal is to make the information available. I still want to write something that stitches all this information together, but in the meantime, I’m going to start trying to whip these interviews into shape and making them available here.

If all goes well, watch this spot for more!